Our core values

Started as a group of hobbyist artists in 2011,Light Comic Studio has taken a step further tobecome a studio specialized in producing comic atprofessional level. We now have clients from manydifferent countries in the world, and many of our works have been published there as well.

For us, the 3 core values of creating comic are:
– Powerful visual storytelling skill.
– Professional & refined quality of art.
Consistency throughout every process. With these in minds, we always offer to deliver the best  quality of works whilst prioritizing our clients’s needs and satisfaction by communicating constantly.

Our vision

With a very talented team of artists, we strive to become one of the best studios, not just in producing comic art, but also in creating great original IPs as well. We also plan to expand our business into training manga & webtoon artists, creating merchandises, selling comics,
and many others!

The people

Vũ Đình Lân
Founder/Art Director

Hoàng Trọng Thiện
Senior Comic Artist

Trần Khánh Linh
Shoujo Manga Artist

Bùi Quỳnh Anh
Shoujo Manga Artist

Vũ Hồng Hải
Shounen Manga Artist